Discover the Radiance of Excellence: Our Collection

Welcome to our collection, a space where art, quality and sophistication merge to offer you an incomparable experience. Explore our range of products carefully designed for discerning smokers who tolerate only the best.

Each of our products is a statement of elegance, a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation. Whether you’re a fan of Glasstips, smokers’ accessories or one-of-a-kind pieces, our collection is sure to satisfy your desires.

We believe in the constant pursuit of perfection, using only the finest materials, paying meticulous attention to detail and creating pieces that transcend the ordinary. At Highness Glasstip, we don’t just sell products, we create works of art you’ll be proud to own.

Glasstip transparent haut de gamme sans embout
Beauty often lies in simplicity. The Basic Glasstip reflects…


Glasstip blanc haut de gamme avec embout à fleurs
Elevate your smoking experience with our Rainbow Ghost. The smoked glass…


Glasstip transparent haut de gamme avec embout à fleurs
Inspired by the art of smoke, Rainbow Basic is a spectacle…


Glasstip avec effets haut de gamme avec embout à fleurs
Our Vortex Pen is designed for those who want to stand…


Glasstip brillant haut de gamme avec embout à fleurs
Let yourself be carried away by our Galaxy Glasstip. The Milky…